It is currently 7:35 a.m. on 3/18 in Japan. Michael plans to take a bus from Yamagata into Sendai as soon as the bus station opens. The gameplan is to get in there and help an organization called “Feed the Hungry” but that could also change. There are MANY people who do not have the means to leave the area who also have no food. CRASH (see earlier blog post) is in the process of mobilizing volunteers and there is a possibility that they will let Michael get in and work with them when they see that he is very serious about helping. The UK group that Michael initially tried to go in with was turned away because the Japanese government only wanted “government sponsored” search and rescue groups. Many organizations are spooked by the growing radiation concerns. Michael has an interpreter, Nate Farnsworth, that will be joining him soon who is also bringing equipment to test and monitor the radiation levels to ensure that they stay safe. Our prayers are with them!!!