I was a fan of the original: Jack Reacher and like the concept of his character. One thing that is a problem, his character is too smart, too good, too fast, too ninja, too MacQuiver, not enough weaknesses / flaws. It is hard to feel lots of empathy for a character who does suffer or cannot lose. I call this the “Superman Problem”. My favorite movies feature a character who has weaknesses that really could do him/her in when faced with a formidable enemy. While this isn’t a movie you would want to see for acting alone, Im always impressed with Tom Cruise, he is doing great for 54 years old.

JR #2 is decent, but not quite as good as the first. While I would say the first was a “see in theaters”, this second one is a definite rental, maybe in theaters if you really don’t have anything else to do & liked the first one.