Update 3/21: Michael was part of a group that made a delivery to a town roughly 33 miles northeast of Sendai called Ishinomaki. This was one of those areas that was hard hit by the tsunami. Even 3-4 days afterward the city was still inundated with water. At present, most of the town looked like the picture below. Clothing and other supplies were delivered to a school that really needed them.Distribution line in Ishinomaki – Many schools have turned into distribution points. Food and other supplies come in and residents come to pick them up. Many regular citizens are stepping up and filling the needed roles. Japan has a long road ahead of them, but they will recover because they have such resilient and hard working people.Michael is learning more and more how much the Japanese people love to eat mushrooms. Those of you who know Michael will know that he hates them with a passion. It’s a pretty interesting situation. :0)

The afternoon and evening were spent unloading trucks. 92 tons of supplies were received from Samaritan’s Purse. Michael picked up a pair of nice work gloves from Walmart before he left but he recently discovered that it was 2 left hands! As you can imagine, they are working like crazy! Michael is having a good time and said that this whole experience has been very humbling.