This is insanity. I wake up this morning, one of the first thing I do, after prayers and Wheaties, is try to order an iPhone 4 on line (today is the first day you can pre-order for the June 24th launch). Can’t place an order. Why? The servers are overwhelmed. Both on Apple and ATT.

So, later in the day I drive down to the Apple Store at the Mall and luckily place my reservation, the time was 11:30am. About 2 hours later, the new expected delivery dates for the iPhone 4 change to July 2nd. What this means is Apple has already used up all of their product stock for the iPhone 4, and if this is anything similar to the iPad, if you want to get it sometime in the month of July, you should be ordering it right now. . By not pre-ordering early, I had to wait several weeks for my iPad, which I really LOVE.

There are some really great lessons to be learned from this, here we are in the middle of a recession and Apple is selling $200-$300 phones faster than they can make them! To me, that’s inspiring. They have such a good reputation for their products, design, such good marketing, that customers are going to find a way to buy their products. I know some of you are probably sick of hearing about Apple- there is a reason they are successful.

iPhone 4 Pre-Sales Sold Out