I am going to try to do you a favor. The only chance you have of enjoying this movie is for me to lower your expectation levels as low as humanly possible. We both know you are going to see it anyway- so, here goes: PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. IT WILL RUIN THE WARM FUZZIES YOU HAVE FOR PAST INDIANA JONES MOVIES.

The beginning was ok, but it just went down hill from there. There is an incredible amount of cheese, as in cheesiness. Way too much fedora worship. No Tension, no character development.

I hate being so negative about anything. I was so disappointed that when I left I shook my fist in the air and yelled “that was awful!!!”

There….now…maybe, maybe….your expectations are low enough that you will enjoy it- possibly…..

Anyone else see it? what did you think?