This is a truly fascinating and exquisite mixed media film. It’s only five minutes long but its impact is remarkable. Stunning visuals draped by an original soundscape.

The filmmaker describes it as “cosmic evolution of matter and energy over time”.

“Experimental filmmaking techniques such as time-lapse, high-speed, and stop-motion photography were used to photograph handmade props, fluid dynamics, and angular momentum. Infinitude is a handmade representation of the exponential growth of complexity in the cosmos.”

All of this combined makes for one heck of a short film. If you check it out below make sure you’re watching in full screen HD for the best experience. I’ve also included his quick “making of” film to get some insight into the kind of work that went into this mini-masterpiece.

Infinitude from Scott Portingale on Vimeo.

Making of Infinitude: Frame by Frame Filmmaking from Scott Portingale on Vimeo.