Caught Inception last night at 12:01am (how come I have such a hard time getting people to come to these with me? They are FUN!!). In short, it was pretty dang awesome and I will probably see it again tonight.

Despite having some similarities to the Matrix, there were many very original concepts and ideas presented. Some of the things I noted:

1. It was the first movie I have ever watched that made me feel like I was dreaming and finally leaving the theater was like waking up. Keep an eye out for this. Avatar was equally awesome in this way because it totally immersed viewers in to the world and experience of the story. 5 Stars for inception in this regard, you will not only feel like you are dreaming, you will feel like you are dreaming in more than one way- I say that because I don’t want to give away anything.

2. There is much more to the premise than is directly pointed out. This movie was made for many different levels of intellect. Couch potatoes will enjoy it as much as scientists and thinkers and they will like it for different reasons. I will have to watch it a few more times to see what I missed.

3. While the premise is multilayered and complex, Nolan does a great job of explaining how everything works. This is a great part of his storytelling abilities- the foundation is impossible to misunderstand, but it can go as deep as you want.

4. The movie really picks up about halfway through. You will be on the edge of your seat for the rest of the movie and be somewhat exhausted mentally near the end.

5. I believe the most overlooked aspect of the film will be Nolan’s ability to make his characters so emotionally engaging, and it is this which makes everything else so good. Not the premise, not the special effects, not anything else, but because we care about the characters and this is what makes all great movies great. His ability to blend an awesome premise, great characters, keeping explanations simple, great special effects weave everything together into what will be a long time classic thriller. Nolan is making most other movies look silly.

Highly Recommended- See it as soon as possible!

If you have seen it…what did you think?