In Hollywood this week ~ reviewing the rough edit of our film @loveeverlastingmovie with @jlarsl @robdiamondfilms @officialemilyprocter we saw it in its entirety yesterday and started going through it again today to start dialing it in. It’s a little scary to watch a rough cut for the first time. The entire film is shot out of sequence, so you really aren’t sure of what you have until you see it all together. I am impressed & encouraged with the acting performances of all the talent, the flow of the film and it is a visually gorgeous image. It is already far ahead of where most rough cuts start. Lars has done a great job. There is still a lot of work to do still but we are very feeling very positive about what we have. I feel really grateful to Rob for the opportunity and humble to be a part of it. I think we will have a polished draft finished around Feb or March 2016.