I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I found this to be a very interesting article. Looks like Canon has recently submitted a patent for a pixel luminance shifting sensor. There are several cameras out there that “process” a single entire image to look like HDR, but this patent application seems to be able to control single sensel luminance values during exposure. Initially I thought “pixel gain shifting” sorta like individual ISO controls for each pixel. Not so, the article suggests that shutter speeds would be the means of shifting the luminance values. Pretty crazy to think about different shutter speeds for each individual pixel? Wow….that would be amazing. I would think artificial gain would be the way to go. I would love to see this in action if it actually works.

It also appears there will be some “tweaking” options available, say you want to see more detail in shadows? This could be adjusted pre-exposure.

Here is the article on the patent application:

Believe it or not, Fuji, yes Fuji already makes AWESOME sensors- at one time they were called SR sensors which essentially acts as a double bucket type pixel, One bucket fills up with light (or water according to the histogram lesson) there is a second bucket to catch the rest. They later combined this with have been fused with pixel gain control to be now renamed as “EXR” sensors (double bucket and gain control)- So yes, Fuji’s have had more dynamic range in their sensors than both Canon and Nikon for some time. The question now is…how will the new Canon HDR technology compare, assuming it does see the light of day? (No pun intended)

Fuji HDR Sensor Technology