After Angie’s Maternity Shoot, I’ve been trying for several weeks now to get my underwater strobes waaaay off camera and I came across 15 Foot Ikelite extension cords.

Unfortunately the first one I ordered didn’t work, and the rest of the system was fine, so I figured it was a defective cord, so I ordered another one to trouble shoot. Also didn’t work. The chances of two very low tech pieces of gear not working because of a manufacturing defect is very slim, so I figured it was the cord it connected to. Sent them all in to Ikelite, and for whatever reason, it seems whenever you send something in, you have to call them to 1. Make sure they got it, 2. then they will start working on it. Their customer service is great, but I have had all kinds of issues with their gear, yes they fix it, but its a pain. Ive had to send in:

1. My Strobes & Batteries (Battery was defective)
2. My housing (flash system was defective)
3. A miss-sized port, (also bought 2, both were irregular, apparently designed for an older housing).
4. Now the 2 cables

Turns out, BOTH cables were defective.

I must have just terrible luck with them or something (i am normally very lucky).

Ikelite replaced both cables, got them yesterday and I tested it out tonight:Looks like everything is working now. Im excited to try this out in a pool now with a model!

Adam has also constructed an underwater diffuser for the strobes, so this is something I would like to try out as soon as possible.