Last Friday afternoon I decided to take a quick drive up to Ogden and try iFLY, the indoor wind tunnel used for Sky Diving training. Ive seen a lot of ads for this and heard some good things from those who had tried it so I figured, what the heck.

“Flight time” is VERY expensive…like $15 a minute. What you are watching here are my first two unassisted “flights” in the wind tunnel. I wanted to learn two specific skill sets:

1. Maintaining stable flight (meaning I can stay in one relative position)
2. Controlling turns (I pretty much nailed this)

An additional skill I wanted to learn was tracking, moving forward and backward. This was hard, but I somewhat got the feel for it. Its amazing how little movements affect your positioning in mid-air.

If you watch the instructor, he is giving me all kinds of hand signals which we go over before the session. Its too loud to hear anything. At one point of the video he tnstructs me to follow him around and he jumps in different directions. After the session he said I did great for a first timer, which makes me feel good considering I look like a big time goof ball, as well as the fact that he laughs at me early on. At the end of the video he gives a demonstration, to do what he does takes tremendous body control. Look for clues to how he does this (look at his hands, feet, and how he may flap one arm and keep the other still).

You will also notice that I am trying to keep my mouth shut- I am having a great time, but air going into my mouth at 140 mph didn’t feel too great if you know what I mean. Anyway, here it is for your amusement, not my most glorious moment (I felt like I was learning to walk for the first time).

One last thing I want to know is who designs these skydiving outfits? Yellow and Purple?
PS- How do you guys like the new custom MA Flash Player? Thanks Brock!