We are starting to plan out the nitty, gritty details of the workshops. Something I wanted to do was have little workshop gift/care packages for everyone that attended. Most importantly would be the information packet that would cover the lessons / shooting techniques we would go over, but I also wanted to throw some fun things in there too. Obviously, we would need to try to keep the costs down, and we would want them to be related to photography or the workshop in some way. Food for the workshops will be covered, but I thought I would ask, what would be some neat and useful things to include in the Gift Packages that dont cost an arm and a leg? This is my list:

– Workshop Notebook Packet
– Name Tag Necklace
– Writing Utensils
– 2-3 Special Gifts from Michael- I have a couple of these, I wont share because they are a surprise, but they are COOL!! 🙂
– Lens cleaning kits
– Camera Bag goodies (need some more ideas on these)
– Tee-Shirts?
– DVD Coupons (3 Day workshop Event Attendees)