In fact. most of the email I get is very nice. This was sent from Beau Maisel of Costa Rico this morning:


I watched your 7D and Speedlight DVD Courses twice this week and shot my first wedding with the new gear last night. I had confidence going in and was able to resolve the few missed shots I had quickly. I used multiple speedlights for some of the portraits with great results. The homemade diffuser worked great and I even had another photographer say, “I need to buy one of those”. The DVD’s were an excellent investment. I highly recommend them and you can quote me on that. The final shots need very little touch up and look amazing! Especially the ones where I shot into the sunset, which I always had trouble with before. I’m shooting another wedding this Wednesday.

Pura Vida,

Beau Maisel
Maisel Film
Costa Rica

P.S. The other photographer’s flash went out and I had to cover for him. I told him “2 are 1 and 1 is none” 🙂