Had quite the interesting day today. Caught my first Maui “moon set” just after 6am, it was pretty crazy, but because the shoot was so spontaneous, I only got 1-2 good shots. Picked up my Prius- it only took about 10 days to get here. The Michael The Maven store has Fed Ex shipping options now, we have some more great updates coming. Updates for all three apps nearly finished.

Spent most of the day working on the business crash course DVD, during which my Mac gave up the ghost. I am not complaining, that thing has been with me for almost three years (I think it’s still under warranty), and it has been an amazing investment. I am more than happy to get another one if it comes to that- and until I find out whats going on with it, i may be limited on the images for a few days. I am still here though and working away! The Business Crash Course is getting better and better, but there are a few lessons I will probably reshoot here on Maui. Looking for a late October release date.