Tested this out last night. Very fun to have it on the iPhone 4. Im working on a short video, just waiting on my microphones to arrive on Tuesday. The first thing you want to do is make sure that “HDR” is turned on when you are getting ready to take the shot. All you have to do is touch it and it will activate the HDR feature. (I apologize for the blurry background on these first 2 shots)A tip, HDR typically works by taking several different exposures and then blends them together- therefore they need to be images of the same EXACT thing and it is very, very important that the iPhone, and your subject does not move. I pinned mine against a tripod, but it would probably work better with an iPhone Mount.
Once your HDR switch is turned on, you can tap on the screen to set your exposure. This is the “basic” image, when you take your picture, the iphone will actually take 3 images, but only save the HDR, as well as the original “basic” image. To do this, it has to be set up in “settings” –> “Photo” –> “Keep Normal Photo”–> ON.HDR Images will have an HDR tag in the upper lefthand corner of the image. Compare with the “Basic” Shot.Look at the recovered details in the shadows and highlights, this is essentially what HDR does for you, just remember it works better were your camera and subject isn’t moving.One App that I have been testing out is “Pro HDR” which actually lets you set both exposures by tapping on the screen (tap on the dark area, take a pic, then tap on bright area and take a pic). It also has post processing settings built into the app (saturation, contrast, etc) as you can see I probably over did it on this.