Another little tip for the day: How to make your subject appear taller than they are. I don’t think Ash will mind me sharing with you that she is 5′ 4.5″. I am 6’2″ barefoot.

Image A and B were taken with the same lens, same camera, same conditions, almost same exposure. But Ashley looks much taller in the second image because I am shooting from her hip level in B, instead of from my eye level in A. Its natural to shoot from eye level, but you have to constantly be aware of how tall (or short) your subject is, even more important when shooting children.

The hip to the mid thigh is the sweet spot to make adult subjects look as tall as possible, anything lower will start to make their head look disproportionately small and abnormal.

The opposite is also good to know and try, being that the higher you shoot above your subject, the smaller their body looks and larger their head appears. This is a good way to shoot subjects who may be a little top heavy as it is more flattering.