This is going to sound a little strange, but it’s really some of the best advice I can give someone who is faced with a tough decision, or for whatever reason finds themselves not knowing what to do next either on a short term or long term basis:

Clean & Remove Clutter

I am not sure what the connection is, but I can say from personal experience that with cleaning up my home comes clarity.

It seems like when my place is in disarray or unorganized, it is as if this is a physical manifestation of choices put off / procrastinated. That clutter of papers you have on your desk? Its there because you told yourself you would do something with it and never did, a decision you punted on. “Ill make that choice later”. I usually start with taking out all the trash, then vacuum, then get into actual cleaning. Then I try to throw away junk, or sell on Ebay things I havent used in 6-8 months.

Clutter has many, many forms, it can be physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc. Clutter has the ability to make you think over and over; “I need to take care of that.” And then you never do, but you still have those thoughts “Ill take care of that later, I need to make a decision on that, etc” and still never do. It is as if when we surround ourselves in disorganization, our thoughts become more disorganized.

When we surround ourselves with order, cleanliness, lack of clutter, our minds are not surrounded with these little things that really have no significance in the big picture.

So, try it, if you have a tough decision, or aren’t really sure what to do next in regards to something, start cleaning and watch what happens next.