D4Darious is a “Director, writer, Cinematographer, Producer” and University of Arizona film school alumni. He shares his tips and knowledge about filmmaking on YouTube for the benefit of us all. This is an absolute beginners video on how to take steps toward your goal of becoming a filmmaker. It’s a very no-nonsense and practical approach to learning how to shoot video.

He offers simple daily goals and keywords to search on YouTube as self guided education. The entire first part is full of simple concepts like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Luckily, I offer all of these lessons on my blog for free. You can check them out HERE – Michael’s Photography School.

You can also search many of his suggestions on my YouTube Channel HERE. I also have specific lessons on MANY cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus), and probably your camera, on my YouTube Channel.

So check out the video, and check out his page for links, and follow along to get started making videos.