This is a variation on the Macro shot that will give you a different look. It is not very practical at all, in fact, this was the most difficult and time consuming shot of Cameron and Ky’s Wedding.

The most common type of Macro shot uses a wide aperture, and while it can give a very nice buttery image, the depth of field becomes extremely thin because you are so close (DOF decreases as you get closer) and unless you have a lot of experience, it is very difficult to get a sharp image on the center stone.

1. Ive used strobe flashes before on my ring shots, but a little trick I learned in Cali 2 weeks ago was to use a videographers light. You can see where the shadows will fall and it will allow you to set the shot up manually. (You will need someone to hold the light-thanks Melissa).

2. The second trick to this shot is something I just decided to try…with enough light, you arent required to shoot wide open, instead…why not shoot at a smaller aperture, say, f 11 and you will be certain the center stone will be in focus.

Thats right, with tight Macro shots, instead of shooting wide open, stop it down as much as you can…you will still have a decent blur even at f 11, but because you are so close, your DOF gets thinner.

Its a good trick to know, increase your available light (use a lamp or flashlight if you have to!), stop your iris down…as much as you can.