After viewing a really great time-lapse by outdoor enthusiast Forrester Bushcraft, Rob thought he’d share some tips on how to perfect a time-lapse with both him and us. 🙂

As he explains, little things like wind can cause movement and lead to the dreaded flickering sometimes seen in time-lapse pieces. In the video below he shares all of his tips and tricks to get that beautiful fluid final video we all strive for. This video is great for those just starting out or those simply interested in improving their skills. He does all of the work in post processing using LRTimelapse 4, Lightroom and FCPX.

If you’re interested in filmmaking you can follow Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips HERE. If you’re interested in outdoor adventures including tips on survival, methods for camping, etc. you can check out Forrester Bushcraft HERE

Check it out below and share your thoughts in the comment section.