This was sent in by a reader over the weekend. Oh how I wish I would have known about this a month ago! Apparently, there is a new feature if you have ATT that will allow you to block phone calls and text messages from up to 30 different numbers. Reading over some of the features, it looks like it is meant mainly for teenagers who have a hard time staying within certain data / text messaging limits, but there are some really nice features in here and it is only $4.99 a month. Well worth it if you are getting lots of unwanted phone calls or texts from telemarketers or even stalkers.

Log in to your account on ATT. On the right select Add Features:Select the Smart Limits Plan. Once you are signed up, you can enter phone numbers as well as control the other settings for the account. Additional Features include:

– You can restrict times of day the phone can be used for messaging, browsing and outbound calling.
– You can determine limits for text and instant messages allowed per billing cycle.
– You can set a dollar limit for download purchases
– You can select the amount of web browsing/data usage allowed per billing cycle.
– You can restrict access to inappropriate content with content filters.
– You can designate “safe numbers” which will allow you the account to call and receive calls from those numbers regardless of limits set. (including 911)
– As limits are reached, a text notification is sent informing the user these features will be suspended until the next billing cycle.

Pretty cool!