When I was out shooting a few days ago, my good friend Jen was with me and mentioned that sometimes she likes to use flash because it makes all the colors pop more. I found this to be an interesting comment, as flash can only effect relatively close objects and I was doing a test shot of the red sky. The problem with this is…that sky is a couple miles away, so I of course challenged her on this quoting the inverse law of light. She returned with: “It does! I swear it does, it makes all colors brighter and pop more”.

I decided to prove her wrong. So I took two shots on manual, one with and one without flash. All other camera settings were the same. Lo and behold….there was a difference in color.

It took me a minute to figure out what was happening, and it was actually something I knew and had somehow forgotten. Its a good lesson though, so I will present it to you here.

Why do the colors on the “flash” side appear to be more saturated, even when the clouds are so far away?

For extra credit- How could you prove the cause of this effect?