Just wanted to throw this out there. As you know Ive been on the road for the last 2+ months living exclusively in hotels and occasionally with friends. The two websites that have caught my interest more than any others is Hotwire.com and Hotels.com. They both have their benefits, but at least at this point I am convinced that Hotwire is the way to go. Hotels.com promises that after 9 nights you get the 10th free, the problem with this is they charge a significant amount more than hotwire, so in actuality, you are buying that extra night (and a little more). I know this because Ive been comparing them.

The one thing I dont like about Hotwire.com is that you dont know exactly which hotel you are getting, and although they have a star rating system, its not always accurate. Ive stayed in some amazing and average 4 star hotels, and some amazing and average 2.5 star hotels. Im also getting to the point now where I can look at the amenities and tell which hotel it is most likely to be.

My favorite chain up to this point? Holiday Inn Express. LOVE IT. Its perfect, no extra charges, weightroom, free internet, etc. Ive also learned that you can usually find a great hotel room in most cities for less than $50 a night if you look, not so in bigger cities like NYC or Philly or DC.

Another thing, is that its not just for hotels, but flights and rental cars as well. great to find last minute airline tickets. 🙂

So yes, Hotwire.com has been amazing for me. If you havent ever tried it out, its worth taking a look at: