So I am in the beginning stages of planning a 3 month, (between June and August) cross country tour. If you haven’t already, please check out the rough description on the next post.

Im still planning on a Nashville, Tennessee, 2-3 day workshop, but I know there are many of you who cannot travel that far, or maybe not miss work, so I am considering adding the other major cities. I also want to keep costs down and make it as affordable for everyone, so by me coming to you, you wouldn’t have extra travel costs.

The purpose of this post is to determine if any of you would be interested in sponsoring a One-Day workshop in your area. Hosts will help me organize the event in your area, find places to shoot / teach / present, and (possibly let me crash at their place for the night) as well as other small logistics. All hosts will also be given either Paintballer Pro or Michael Andrew Lollipops (their choice) and will also receive other neat incentives yet to be announced. If you are interested in being a host, please CONTACT me directly as I will be planning out my road map soon. Also, first come, first serve, if you are the first in your state to book a date with me, you will have priority on the event date and time.

One Day workshops will consist of 3-4 courses from a list of topics which “host” organizers can choose from. In order for us to confirm your workshop date, I need to have at least 4 or more photographers booked for your location, and right now we are looking at a tenative fee of $300 per person for the day. You read that right, I will travel TO YOU and put on a workshop in a smaller group setting for just $300/per person, but it we would need at least 3-4 photographers for it to cover my expenses and be worth the investment of time, otherwise, it would be better to do a larger group setting. Also, I am bringing a videographer and we will be filming many lessons at these workshops. If you attend a workshop where we shoot an entire DVD (such as Nashville) you will receive the final DVD product when it is finished. Also, if you are more interested in a One-on-One Workshop, this can also be arranged.

If you are interested, and think you know at least 3 other photographers in your area who would like to have their own personalized, one day, Michael The Mentor Workshop email me with your location and contact information:
Email Michael – with the title “One Day Workshop” in the subject line and I will be in touch with you directly.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you all!