I wanted to throw out something to see what you all thought.

It seems to me that Hope cannot exist without Fear.

Unfortunately, fear often prevents us from acting to achieve a desired result (and I realize there are some things we hope for that are completely out of our control).

I have learned that when I remove hope of something, I am less fearful. When I am less fearful, I take action for the thing I hoped for. Contradictory I know and it probably sounds like jibberish, but the best illustration I have for this is in football.

I cannot count how many games I have seen where one team is so overly cautious of making a mistake that it paralyzes them. They play a whole game far below their ability, and then….when they are down 21 points in the fourth quarter, something snaps psychologically and they explode in productivity. It seems they accept the fact that they will probably lose and with this realization, all hesitancy goes out the window- they start playing with reckless abandon, and end up winning. The other team so far ahead, loses their hunger because they have “arrived” and suddenly are playing to “not lose” rather than win. I find this shift of mentalities fascinating because the only thing that has changed was the losing team embraced the idea of failure, hope goes out the window, and with it…fear of losing.

I know this might sound weird…..I seem much more effective, when I believe what I am attempting will absolutely not work, but I am going to try my best anyway.

Ok….Im open to comments-

PS- I had a great day with Eric and Kim yesterday at their wedding!. A very big thank you to all their family and friends who participated. I should have several of your pictures up on my blog shortly! 🙂 Please stand by!