Heard so many rave reviews about “Hereditary” and being that I had a few friends work on and appear in the film, I was actually looking forward to it, as I love a good scary movie. My recommendation on this film as an absolute NO. Yes, there were some technical aspects about it that were amazing, the acting, cinematography, suspense, tension, sound design – top notch. SPOILERS Truth be told, based on the previews, this is not what you think it is about.

This is a movie about the cult and worshipping of demons, and as the film revealed its true nature at the very end, I couldn’t but help to think: this feels like The Witch, and when you watch a preview and get an impression that it’ll be one thing and you watch it and it turns out to be a propaganda video for satanic cults, yeah thats where I draw the line. I regret seeing it now, and that my money is going towards a filmmaker and producer (Lars Knudsen – also producer of “The Witch”…surprise!) who in my mind are basically devil worshippers. If feels like there is a real push to make the cult mainstream and acceptable, which defies everything good I want in my life. Same thing with Neon Demon, same thing with Rosemary’s Baby. Anything involving human sacrifice, especially when it comes to children is in excusable and should be condemned.

The only silver lining on this one is that I can tell you what it is about and encourage you away from it. Had I known what it was about I wouldn’t have gone in the first place.

Don’t ever see it.