What a difference a day makes! Today Michael’s plan was to try and get on a plane headed for home, when this morning he received an email from the 82nd Airborne requesting a meeting with Mathieu and him.

Long story short they have agreed to distribute aid to ALL of the orphanages on their list, as well as the ones they are still looking for. They have asked Michael and Mathieu to help co-ordinate supplies and goods to them for distribution. Food will mostly be supplied by the Salvation Army directly to them.

The other important thing discussed in the meeting was a call for Water Purifications Systems. When Michael arrived back to the Salvation Army Camp he happened to run into a group who had these very small portable water purification buckets. Michael says these filters are a better solution than providing water itself because they are light, efficient, inexpensive, and easy to use. One filter costs $30 and will supply a family of 6 with clean drinking water for 5 years!! A factory that makes these purifiers was recently opened near the airport in Port Au Prince. Michael says he is working with amazing people from this organization directly and the filters will be distributed by the 82nd Airborne.

This is where we all come in. So many people have been asking, “How can we help you Michael?” And this is how….

Michael is asking for each of us to purchase at least one filter for a family in Haiti.

Our goal is to raise $6000.00 in filters. Simply click on the link below and donate!!

Also, please make a note with your donation “for Michael’s Orphanages”, to ensure that the purifier you just purchased goes directly to Michael’s Orphanages.

Help Michael & Mathieu Help Haiti

Feel free to get the word out. Post to your blog, facebook, twitter, or myspace…and lets make a difference!