Im getting to a point in my production schedule where Ill be able to do another photography contest. Dates of entry, details and categories are not set in stone yet, but its looking like it will be a 4-6 week entry schedule, and we will have at least as many categories as last year, and maybe more. Yes, for some of you, you can take this to mean “I can get a head start now”. Last year the overall prize was a Canon T1i Digital Rebel , which Shannon Morgan from Washington won. I would like to have at least as nice Grand Prize.

This year, I am also considering a few additional prizes, including lenses and other gear, more Michael Andrew store coupons and DVDs, private mentoring session or consultation, discounts on the Maui workshop, etc. All of these prizes will be placed in a pool and winners are who place and are ranked, get to choose which prize they want, and then the next person in place chooses, etc. Should be a lot of fun.

In order to make this happen, I need 2-3 volunteers to help, and I will be making it worth your while. (Volunteers will get 50% off of their Maui workshop price if they so choose, or a $200 gift coupon from the store).

The first volunteer would be the contest co-ordinator, they will be responsible for receiving and cataloging the entries. Essentially, entries are sent to this person, they record the name and contact of the information and we assign a number to the image (it’s very important I do not know who these are from). They would be responsible for the hard copy images.

The second volunteer would do the same, only this year, I would like to consider “digitally submitted images” and this person would have to be comfortable and able to do this on the computer.

The Third volunteer would help with follow up, sending out prizes and certificates. (I would also need them to help design a few certificates).

All three volunteers will help me plan categories, rules, and anything else I may need help with regarding the contest (not my mental issues or anything like that). If I met you in person at a workshop last year, you will be given preference, just know that I need reliable people to help out.

So, that said, is there anyone out there interested in helping out? If you are interested, please shoot me an email: shiffler (at), with the subject “Contest Volunteer”

I’m ready to get this party started. Once we have our volunteers in place, I will finalize the contest categories, rules and prizes.