Harvard is offering a FREE online digital photography course. Free education from Harvard, why not? It covers the very basics of photography and could act as a great reference if you print it and keep it on hand. It appears to be mostly reading and images so visual learners might not benefit as much. For more advanced users it could serve as a light refreshers course. So why not check it out?

The course is broken down into 13 modules as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to Digital Photography
Module 2: Introduction to Software
Module 3: Introduction to Light
Module 4: Introduction to Exposure – Part 1
Module 5: Introduction to Exposure – Part 2
Module 6: Introduction to Optics
Module 6: Introduction to Optics
Module 7: Introduction to Histograms
Module 8: Introduction to Software Tools
Module 9: Introduction to Digital Cameras
Module 10: Introduction to Digital Cameras – Part 2
Module 11: Introduction to Color
Module 12: Introduction to Artifacts
Module 13: Digital Photography Assessment

It says it should take the average student about 15 hours to complete.

Signing up for the course could not be easier. (Just watch for clickable ads as the site seems to have a lot.)