A huge amount of gratitude and most sincere thank you to all of our armed forces both past and present. Im deeply appreciative to you for everything you have sacrificed for our country.

This is a picture of my Dad who served as Warrant Officer flying a Huey Helicopter in Vietnam. My Dad doesn’t talk about it much, but he has several medals, including a Silver Star. If I remember that story correctly, they were trying to extract a ground team from hostile territory and they couldn’t see the enemy positions, so the idea was that my Dad should come in, draw enemy fire on his position so these locations could be identified and then destroyed, and thats how it worked out, luckily he wasn’t killed acting as bait.

My Dad has a lot of other really great stories, taking a tracer to a fuel cell and it not exploding, extracting a team that had to whisper over the radio because the enemy was so close, panic training in copter school, a friend who was shot at through the windshield; then struck his ceramic armor shattering it; followed by the scorching hot bullet that should have killed him, landing in his lap. I just love hearing them even if I already know the story, but I am especially thankful he made it out ok…otherwise I would have never been born!

Thank you to all of our veterans!