First I want to say thank you to everyone for a great 2008, it was truly an awesome and interesting year for me.

–I spent the first few days of 2008 moving out of my old apartment preparing for what was essentially a year long road trip, which is still going. The Michael Andrew Photography School had about 3 monthly visitors (me and two friends, but also may have been me from 3 different computers) to about 1000 visits a day. It was so gratifying to see this idea of a free online photography grow and I wanted to thank every one of you for visiting and contributing. Still a lot of work to do there, but its a good start.

— I had many great shoots and weddings, made a lot of great friends and had many wonderful teaching opportunities.

–This time last year I was working on the Canon 40D Crash Course, my first training video, which was released in February, and since I have completed 4 other DVDs. I have a list of about 20 I am working on.

— I made major equipment upgrades and changed many things about my shooting style, and post processing. My Lollipops Action Set were finally released after a year of development.

Being the New Year,

I have a few goals, just a few….I like it that way.

Here they are:

1. The 365 Self Portrait Project. see below for more information on this.

Im not satisfied with how the blog has been going. I can do a better job. I want to be more open with my time, thoughts and ideas. For some reason I find myself holding back on saying some really funny things on here. I also want to get into the habit of posting more than one entry a day. I found myself many times last year thinking I needed to find something interesting to post about. It shouldn’t be like that. For me the idea of FLOW is that the more you give, the more you get. So what I want to try to is focus more on my FLOW and giving, doing, producing, and not worrying so much about everything else around me. If I am posting a picture everyday (365 project), and I am still doing movie, photography, and gadget reveiws, then there may be days where there will be several entries. I know this will be tough, but I look at it as a good opportunity for creative growth.

3. Variation- Try something new everyday.

Thats it. If Im smart, Ill try to combine all three.