I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and give you all a quick update. Ive been on the road again the last few days, and have also needed a break, this time without the whole malaria thing. I’m spending Easter with some very good friends in Haleyville, Alabama (home of 911)- I am going to try really hard not to do anything work related today.

— The first major update for Photographers Contract Maker is in the final testing phase. This means all the new features have been added, and we are polishing it up and making sure everything looks and works correctly.
— The next App is about 2 weeks away, it is extremely nice!
–The Canon T2i DVD is complete, we are waiting on the final green light from our disk making company.

I will be heading up to Camden, Tennessee in about a week to take a pistol combat training course from Tactical Response. Ive been meaning to do this for some time now (2 years) and am excited to be finally going. Ill be heading back to Arizona shortly after.

Have a great Easter Sunday!