I wanted to wish everyone a happy fourth of July. I feel lucky to live in such a wonderful country. Its hard to imagine, but is only 232 years old! Thats really REALLY young for countries! Think about it, there are some people ALIVE that have been around like….half as long as our country has. Thats craziness.

My good friend Rick Willis showed me this picture today. It was taken by the Hubble Telescope over a period of a few days in 1996. They decided to take a close look at the deepest, darkest spot they could find. The relative size of this area compared with the rest of the sky would be the equivilent of holding a grain of sand at arms length. Astronomers counted about 1500 galaxies in this area, and estimated that there are 100 billion galaxies in our universe. WOW!Here is a close up. Makes you wonder how many planets are out there…..do we feel small now?