Today we took the long, windy road trip to Hana. It was my third time and this was the easiest one because there werent many other cars out today. Unfortunately, it was raining and were werent able to go swimming in the Seven Sacred Pools, but at least we got some nice pictures. This is from a bamboo forest we stopped at on the way back. I only had a few seconds to get this and was so happy it turned out In other exciting news, I learned tonight that my Canon 40D DVD, the Crash Course has been pirated and downloaded over 10,000 times already. I am not exaggerating.

Its a bummer because it took me a serious amount of time to produce and make and now people are just downloading it for free. On the other hand it is making me take a hard look at myself emotionally, I knew this was part of the game when I started producing DVDs, that people would eventually pirate it (I just had no idea it would happen so fast and to this extent).

The way I look at it is, if people are honest, they will buy it. If they need to steal it, they probably dont have enough money to buy it, I feel sorry for them that they would have to go to that level to get the information they needed- I am happy to teach, but if they can afford a $1500 camera, they can buy the dvd.

I cant let stuff like this phase me or shake me mentally, I am just going to keep on doing my thing and not worry about it. 🙂