Today Microsoft is opening up the Halo Reach Beta Test- The Halo Series (specifically 1-3) is arguably the absolute best 1st person shooting game EVER. For example, Halo 3 amassed around a half billion dollars (10 Million copies at about $50 each) in sales, it sold 3.8 million its first week – still a record. Those are big time block buster numbers.

Halo Reach is considered the next true continuation in the Halo Series, even though it is a “prequel”, and there was also an ODST version of it (not quite the same). Beta Testers will help Microsoft test the game out which they will use to tweak and finalize before finishing the product up. If it is as successful as any of the last major releases (not ODST) – we are looking at a video game that has some real potential to get between $500-$750 Million in Sales. I’m skeptical we will see a 1 Billion dollar video game any time soon, but with Microsofts new motion sensor controller coming out this fall as well as Halo Reaches release, there are going to be some truly amazing technologies coming to the gaming world- the potential for big bucks is there.

If you aren’t already on the best test list, all you need to do is buy Halo 3: ODST and you are in. Beta Testing closes in 2 weeks.