I’ve been up to Haleakala several times, just never in the afternoon. From Kihei it takes a good 1.5 hours, lots of switchbacks, easy to get car sick. Incredible view from the top, today we were above the clouds.

The vignetting you see is from the polarizer I was using, not the 16-35 2.8 Lens itself. This is looking into the crater: I thought I would get a shot of me in it for a 365 (I am only 15 away! lol, maybe Ill finish by the end of the year!)If I was going to add a tip from today, it would be this. Sometimes when shooting from high places, its easy to forget about placing your subject “On the Edge” so to speak. This shot of my editor Adam is typical:If you position yourself a little lower and get a slightly tighter shot, you can make your subject appear as if they are literally standing on the edge of a cliff (which they are not). This is more dramatic:Or if you are actually above clouds, you might as well go for it:I think it is more interesting than seeing that there is a nice safe slope 2 feet behind your subject.