Ok this is going to sound crazy- The last few days the news coming out of Haiti has just been tearing me up inside.

It sounds like this is going to end up being as bad or worse than the Tsunami a few years ago in Indonesia. I feel this incredible urge to go there and help. I went down to help after some of the Hurricanes; Katrina and Ivan, and I am telling you if you have never volunteered after a disaster, one person absolutely can make a difference.

I’m not even sure what I can do to help. One idea is to get with a relief aid company and use my camera to document the efforts going on there. I think there is a real need for these relief organizations to document and show where donations are going and use this as a way to solicit donations and help promote what they are doing. I’m not even sure if this makes sense, but a camera can be a very important tool.

Currently, the only flights going over are for relief aid workers, military and doctors, there are no commercial flights. While things are a little crazy right now, I believe the lawlessness will be contained in the next day or two, and I really do believe these people need more help than we understand right now.

If anyone out there has any contacts with any relief groups out there who need a professional photographer to help raise funds and/or even a helping hand with whatever, please let me know , otherwise….Im thinking about going to Miami and just waiting until commercial flights are going over, fly over and find a place to help. I have no doubt I will be able to. I’m extremely aware that if I do Ill be responsible for myself in terms of eating, shelter, and cannot hinder or be a burden to anyone in any way.

I know many of you will poop on this idea for whatever reason- I just don’t care. I feel like I need to get in there. I can take several weeks off production stuff and am more than willing to. I know if my life depended on getting there I could find a way to do it, so I am exploring all my options. If anyone can get me on a seat over there with any group- please let me know – I’m in.

If anyone is crazy enough to come with me- shoot me an email. Id be interested in people with some type of expertise and/or experience, be it doctors, law enforcement, fire/rescue, search dogs, type thing. It will probably be dangerous but I feel we will make a difference to someone.

Update: Its nice to know that there are hundreds of other people out there who feel the same: