Ladies and Gentlemen, I am in the final preparatory stages of submitting my Haiti Book for publication. I have a new found respect for authors, Book writing (editing in particular) is so tedious and time consuming I still cannot fathom it. We have had about a dozen test readers go through it already, all very positive reviews with most reading it entirely in a 1-2 days.

The Title, which is already registered with an ISBN number will be “3 Weeks in Haiti”, and this is what I have for the front cover as of now. I expect it will change a little between now and publication.

I am told that it will take about 4-6 weeks before the e version of the book appears on bookstores like iTunes, Amazon, Kindle, etc. I expect a paperback version to be available shortly thereafter.

I will keep you all posted as to how everything develops, as well as the process I decided to use to self publish.

Here is the cover: