I wanted to catch Rush Hour 3 tonight but it was sold out. I heard so many wonderful things about Hairspray, I decided to try it out.

Overall, it was good, not great, but good. In the beginning I found it wonderful then about half way through I wanted to walk out from boredom.

I love Amanda Bynes- I think she is wonderful. I was so impressed with John Travolta playing the mom…..it was like a car wreck, not pretty but something you just cant take your eyes off, mesmerizing in the sense of “John Travolta is under all that?”

I think part of my problem is when I watch movies I am asking questions: “How did they do that? Where is light coming from? Who is developing? Steadi Cam or Crane?” And unless the movie is good enough to get me out of this mode I just dont enjoy the movie and mentally rip it to shreds.

One thing for sure though, if I say I really, really like a movie…..chances are you will too.

Is it me or do movies these days just dont seem as enjoyable in general as they used to?