I cant seem to think about anything more than the Hurricane Gustav hitting the South East today. I was in Alabama during both Ivan and Katrina and even though it had died down significantly by the time it got to Tuscaloosa, it was one of the most incredible weather storms I had ever seen. We had tons of trees blown over and then we lost electricity for a week. (Which was AWFUL!!!) We were fairly prepared, or so we thought and over the period of the next several weeks we would go down to places like Hattiesburg, Panama City and Slidell to help clean up and the devestation there was so beyond description. You wouldnt have believed it unless you actually saw it with your own eyes, news reports didnt do it justice. We could drive for miles and see just about every tree blown over. Truly amazing how much power hurricanes have.

To all my friends in the South East please be wise and careful! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!