This was suggested to me by my good friend Warren, who is a dentist and doing the math, it would be a small gold mine for anyone willing to stick their necks out just a little. Most wedding photographers shoot on Saturdays, so this could be a great way to make some additional cash during the slow season.

Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the most lucrative types of dental treatment, and one of the best ways to market a dentist’s skills is to use before and after shots. This is what you can do:

Invest in some nice business cards, make sure to have a picture of a very nice smile on it, your name contact information and the title “On Call Dental Photographer”. According to Warren, most dentists don’t want to mess with learning cameras, playing with Photoshop or optimizing for the web, but they DO want the pictures. Charge at least $25 for each shot (thats $50 for a before and after) and offer additional Marketing services such as a digital frame they could display in their waiting room, a before and after album of all the clients they have worked on, pamphlet design, etc.

Make sure you talk with each dentist, preferably in person, and give them one of your cards. The idea is that they will call you and set up an appointment every time they need a picture taken. You will know immediately if they are game or not. If you get 3-5 local dentists on board- it could really add up. Think about it, shooting 8 x $25 shots a day = $200 a day, or $1000 a week. As a job, its going to beat a lot of other jobs.

How likely is a dentist to hire you? Well, Warren says if there is someone in his area (Idaho) who did it, he would hire them immediately.