In terms of differentiating and targeting a specific market, this is one of the better ideas I have seen in a while. Warren and I were at a movie theater in Idaho and we saw this sitting in the lobby of the local movie theater:It is a tremendous idea for several reasons:

1. It is for Senior Portraits. What better place to target high school students than a movie theater?
2. It is big and eye catching.
3. It’s modular design is easy to move or update
4. The photographer is clearly skilled (look at the variety of styles and compositions).

Clearly what happened here is the photographer approached the manager of the movie theater and worked out a deal to leave the display in the lobby, probably on a month to month basis. I am not sure what other marketing campaigns the photographer is doing, but it would be easy to track the success of this simply by asking new customers where they found him.

I would imagine something like this would run at least $1000 a month, but most Senior portraits (at least of good photographers) are going to run in the $500-$1200 range.

1-2 shoots for a month of advertising? Totally worth it.