OCD would not even begin to explain how I am about my camera bag. It is incredibly important to me, which lens I have in there, as well as any accessory, so I offer this with high regard for the need to keep your bag as light and as efficient as possible. Its one of those things that if you need it and don’t have it, you will be hating life. There were a few times on Maui I started getting eaten alive and it definitely affects my shooting. I was looking for a very simple solution, but didn’t want to buy a can (too big and bulky/sometimes they stop working) or a spray bottle (too heavy, possibility of leaking = nightmare). When I saw this today, I bought a box immediately. They are so small and light, you will never notice the weight, and you can carry one or two, keep the rest at home and replace when needed. No more worries about bugs while on a shoot. 🙂