From Michael:

After many days of loading and unloading trucks, I have an incredible opportunity to do GPS tagging for the Meysen school for distributions. Meysen has partnered with Samaritans Purse in Sendai and there are now 90+ tons of aid waiting to be delivered. I went out on a trial run with the Meysen team to assess and GPS tag 4 locations. I think they are realizing how powerful this is in speeding things up for delivery and I have a feeling I will get to do a lot of this tomorrow.

I will work with Toby to develop a real time database/map of distribution points, which will allow Meysen Team members to load trucks and deliver aid within an hour or two- at least this is ideally how it should work.

One of the Meysen teachers Jacob has a natural talent for assessing, and I kind of stay back, tag, and make suggestions after the assessment. Jacob has caught the vision of how useful this is and I am excited to work with him.

Here is a picture of one of the assessments/ deliveries. The director (in the red jacket) started crying and hugged me as we left.