I am really excited to be able to share this with you guys. It was only my second scooter dive, but wow….it is SO much fun. (This was yesterday). It feels like you are literally flying beneath the ocean, and we saw a lot of cool critters too. I hope this video shows you what it is all about:

A little about the GoPro Set up; I used a Backscatter.com flat port, and this results in a much cleaner image. While my Ikelite Water Housing allows me to use much better cameras, there is just no way it would have been a good idea to bring it on a scooter dive (just too big, too much drag). I’ve been looking for a very portable backup, preferably very small and very wide angle. Yes, the image quality isn’t the greatest compared with the full frame cameras, but the GoPro Hero2 is just about perfect. Its cheap, fits in a dive pocket, and does both stills and video. The housing is waterproof down to 130′ too.

On this video I didn’t use any additional light setups, and there was no color correction done in post. It didn’t focus too well on the close up shots of the Sea Hares, but it was good enough. Im very happy with my GoPro purchase and will be looking for new ways to integrate it into my shooting.