If you ever plan to drive through Armarillo, Texas, you are sure to see no less than 100 billboards for the Big Texas- 72 Oz steak challenge. If you can eat it in an hour, its free. If not, its $72!! This sounded like fun!They also offer free taxi rides to and from the restaurant.I thought this sign was interesting, because its true! My Dad told me I should stop off on the way as he had eaten here too. I walked in and told them I wanted the 72 ouncer. The staff got all giddy with excitement. Then they gave me the stipulation contract thingy. These are the rules:They make a pretty big deal of it. There is a dedicated stage in the middle of the main room, clock, spot light and all. So how big is a 72 oz steak? Uh huh…..Thats my cell phone to the left. ya…Other patrons would come up and talk to me, ask questions, take pictures, laugh, etc. You could even watch a live feed of this online….thanks to Susan for snapping these for me. So you are probably wondering how I did….

….I ate 52 ounces (over 3 lbs!) and all the sides!

It wasnt as bad as I thought, If I really wanted to do it, I think I could. The hard part is getting it down that fast, you really have to eat as fast as you can, and yes, after the first 2 lbs, it started getting pretty nasty. 🙂