I know you have all been waiting to see Ginny and Neal’s pictures. I am very happy with them. It was a true honor to shoot their wedding as I know many of their friends and relatives. I loved working with Ginny because she is always happy and randomly just starts dancing all the time. 🙂 Hi my name is Michael Andrew and I take pictures of beautiful women for a living. I love my job…..Occasionally couples will agree to have a private meeting before the ceremony. This is done in order to save time by taking as many pictures as possible together with the couple, instead of after the ceremony. I really like these because I am usually the only one allowed to remain in the room and I get to capture this special moment when the couple first sees each other on their wedding day. Check out Ginny’s sweet kicks! I am always trying to learn more about the terms of certain womens clothing, the trim around the shoes are called “pleats”. Never seen anything like these before. What a great smile Ginny has!Thank you Ginny, Neal, their families and friends for a wonderful day Friday evening. It was a pleasure meeting you and if there is anything I can do for you please ask! All the pictures will be posted shortly for your viewing pleasure. 🙂