We are wrapping up an Epic Shootout between the GH5 and the Olympus EM1ii, which should published sometime next week, but in the mean time I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek at the dynamic range improvement on the GH5 over the older model.

The GH4 for the beast that it was (and still is) had an achilles heel of ISO performance. I honestly wasn’t comfortable with anything over ISO 400.

Take a look at the differences in noise grain at lower ISOs. While I wouldnt say the new GH5 has much greater dynamic range, the actual noise and grains performance is far better than the GH4. Ive been doing many shoots with the GH5 at ISO 800, 4K 60fps and not seeing any issues at all. The sensor is definitely improved, and it appears to be where it needed it most, the noise & grain.

Definitely stay tuned for the Epic Shootout coming soon!