Ive had several requests for this and I am not exactly sure about how to do this in such a way that is fair and helpful for everyone. It does take some time on my part, so for a limited time I will accept up to 10 “mentorships” with students. The fee will be $100 per “mentorship” and it will last for the period of up to 3 months, not longer. Also, I will not have more than 10 students at a time, as it can get kinda crazy.

The mentorships include direct communication with me by email. I will ask students to complete certain assignments by either answering questions or by taking photographs through the first three sets of lessons on my photography school. At the end of each lesson set, the student will be asked to take a test, again both written and both photographic. If the student fails to complete the assignment correctly, they will be asked to repeat it until the principle is learned. Tests will be designed to show a working synthesis of the information learned. Additionally, once a student completes all lessons, there will be a final test. Upon passing each test, the student will receive a certificate indicating they have completed that section of the course.

When they finish all lessons, they will receive a card signed by me that they have successfully completed the Michael Andrew Mentorship course and have all the skills necessary to be successful as a photographer. I will not sign the card unless I truly believe it. Also, if the student fails to complete the course in 3 months, they will need to re-pay the fee….and this is only to motivate them to do the assignments, even though it is at their own pace.

I have one student who I have been working very closely with, Enrique, and it is so fascinating to me watch his skills develop. I know it has helped him greatly.

For those of you who cannot afford such a program, yet are eager to learn, I would highly recommend completing the homework assignments on my photography school…these are free.

In a day or two I will post the “mentorships” for sale in the photography school, if you are interested before then, just contact me by email and I will fill you in on all the necessary details.