Get Smart was this weekend’s number one movie and if you are thinking about watching it in theaters, all I can say is wait until it comes to DVD. It was a very mediocre movie and yes, while funny at times, it really wasnt that great. Again we have the problem of most of the best scenes in the trailers.

I was thinking about seeing the Love Guru, but I heard it was awful. Has anyone seen it?

Its also interesting to speculate how the internet is affecting box office sales. Think about it, never before have we been able to find out the general consensus of a movie so quickly….if I hear that a no-name movie is great, I will go see it when I wouldnt have before, or if a huge budget film is actually a flop, I wont go when I would have. Hopefully Hollywood will get the hint that it isnt enough to have one or two well know actors to be a good movie. If a movie is truly “bad” word should be spread as harshly and as quickly as possible. As long as Hollywood is turning a profit for making bad movies, they will continue to do so.

I am really excited for Batman – The Dark Knight – July 18th!!